Lithium Battery Fire on a phone

Battery safety: high standards, high rewards

Martin Bartnett, 20 Feb 2024
Martin Bartnett, Chief Examiner (LM Re US), discusses the increased frequency of fires driven by lithium batteries. He looks at the growing global risk as the variety of products using lithium batteries increases.
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Aim high, shoot higher: a career in reinsurance

Scott Mackie, 20 Feb 2024
Scott Mackie, Director of Assumed Reinsurance (LM Re US), considers the differences between facultative and treaty reinsurance and the benefits of time spent in both. With more than 20 years’ experience in the reinsurance industry, Scott reflects on his career path and what makes it so rewarding.
Chantal Rodriguez website news image

The importance of maintaining discipline and momentum in the reinsurance market

Chantal Rodriguez, 20 Dec 2023
A volatile business environment at the end of 2022 has driven change within the reinsurance market, however remedies and reforms are already being implemented to respond to the unsustainable current model. Chantal Rodriguez delves into how reinsurers can continue this momentum - Originally published in The Insurer.
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Ready to assist: preparing for claims events

19 Dec 2023
The very nature of the term claims tends to carry unfavourable connotations, particularly when they arise in the wake of worst-case scenarios, often with devastating outcomes. Iain Reynolds seeks to challenge this prevailing narrative – Originally published in The Insurer.
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The Talent Challenge

Peter Smith, 19 Dec 2023
Peter Smith, Head of London & Rest of World, reflects on how organisations are focussed on business transformation but less so on talent attraction, transformation, and strategy.
AI robot and human hands meeting

Potential and Challenges of Generative AI

Ly Lam, 15 Dec 2023
Ly Lam, Chief of Staff, discusses the immense potential of generative AI as well as the challenges it presents.
Peter Smith website news image

A paradigm shift: the reinsurance target operating model of the future

Peter Smith, 06 Dec 2023
There is a widespread recognition that the reinsurance world of the future looks and feels different; it is now time to spell out how we as an industry remain relevant for the benefit of our clients says Peter Smith – Originally published in The Insurer.
DieterWinkel - website news

Communicating change: managing broker and client relationships in an evolving market

Dieter Winkel, 29 Nov 2023
The world of reinsurance is undergoing a significant transformation, ushering in a new paradigm says Dieter Winkel – Originally published in The Insurer.
Boeing 787 taking off

Aviation Reinsurance: The Current Challenges and Potential Solutions

Hans Towler, 07 Sept 2023
In recent years, the aviation reinsurance market has seen major new challenges emerge, arising from the current geopolitical situation and from unprecedented losses. To rise to and deal with these challenges, reinsurers will need to re-evaluate many of the assumptions underpinning the structure and price of the (re)insurance product offered, to ensure they can offer a product which is economically viable for the long term.
New York City cityscape

Experiencing Reinsurance across the pond: a three-month view

Charlotte Corbett, 04 Sept 2023
In April 2023, I was fortunate enough to embark on a transatlantic secondment to work with LM Re in New York for three months. What did I learn? Well, J-walking is, in fact, illegal, sales tax is not included in prices and therefore 99-cent pizza is rather outrageously, not 99 cents.