Our claims service

Our integrated service aims to deliver value throughout our relationships. 

To make that happen we work together as one integrated team, engaging early to help shape policies and ensure shared understanding. We act decisively, when and where it matters, giving local specialists authority to act in their clients’ interest. We pay out valid claims fairly and dependably, accessing formidable global resources.

Clients tell us they value a local claims presence, so in every LM Re office we use local claims professionals and support them with an extensive global network of technical capability.

As a result, our clients can feel confident, involved and protected – knowing that we are their partners, providing continuity and assurance, which helps to reduce risk in an unpredictable world.


Our principles

Working together as one team

Our teams work closely together to ensure that we provide value at all stages of the relationship

Acting decisively


Clients work with empowered local experts who have access to world-class tools and services globally

Paying fairly and dependably

As a company that does the right thing, we have a proven reputation for paying valid claims fairly and promptly


The Claims+ offer has been designed to enrich the Liberty service and add-value to the experience - giving clients greater confidence and additional insight into risk.

Our claims services, including wording reviews, scenario workshops, client visits and more, are designed to give you additional insight into risk, helping to protect your business in the most effective way, with or without a claim.


Fast Track

Clients on our syndicate platform can also benefit from our Fast Track service. Our experts triage the claim to get it to the right people quickly. Where it’s straightforward, it goes to Fast Track and agreement can be made within 24 hours, irrespective of amount. Settlement is expedited and our experts can focus on the complex claims that need their expertise and experience.