Officially amazing

709 Global employees at Liberty Specialty Markets have set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest online video chain passing a water bottle in support of WaterAid. The new world record raised a total of £1,500 for WaterAid. The previous world record was 464 people.

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GWR video Liberty Specialty Markets

Our CSR Strategy

Our strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework is divided into three themes, helping us to focus our activities on three community-based issues where we believe we can make a difference. Our CSR initiatives are focussed on projects where we live and work, and in the developing world that:

  • Improve education and employment outcomes
  • Provide food and shelter for those in need
  • Advance health and wellbeing

These projects need to deliver tangible long term benefits.

Diagram of three overlapping circles demonstrating CSR startegy

Our strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework is divided into three themes.

Global community

Global initiatives

Global partnerships

Serve with Liberty

Serve with Liberty’ is our annual Liberty Mutual initiative, encouraging all staff globally to take part in volunteering projects and get involved in a range of practical tasks and skills-based opportunities.

In 2019, 670 Liberty Specialty Markets employees from our offices around the world dedicated their time to contribute to 64 projects.

In 2020, we were unable to hold Serve with Liberty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we had a specific charitable response to COVID-19 as outlined here.

Four people digging up ground and using rakes
Our employees dedicate time to local projects through our Serve with Liberty initiative.

A message from Matthew Moore, President & Managing Director

"At Liberty Specialty Markets, we create products and insurance solutions that protect the social and economic development of individuals, communities and businesses across the globe. Our mutual status brings advantages that reduce risk in an unpredictable world. We make time for what matters to our partners, aiming to build supportive relationships over time. In short, our mutuality unlocks opportunities to prosper together.

Our CSR focus is very clear – to support organisations and charities making a difference, both locally and globally. And we take this one step further by encouraging our people to make a difference in their local communities. Our focus on small, local projects runs alongside our support of a handful of more well known, high-profile charities that we believe are making a huge difference where we operate or in remote or impoverished communities. 

This review covers activity between 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020. Many of our planned activities had to be deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as our annual global volunteering campaign, Serve with Liberty. However, we continued our commitment to make a difference, putting people first and helping make things better for the most vulnerable in our communities.

2020 has been a time where it has been especially important to be a strong community and volunteer our time and efforts. I’m incredibly proud of my colleagues who put significant time and energy into volunteering, fundraising and making well informed decisions on where our corporate donations can make a difference. They take their roles very seriously and much of the work they do is over and above their day job."

Matched funding

In the wider community, we contribute to a number of charities that our employees care about, both through direct donations and by supporting employees who are involved in fundraising.

We increased our funding levels in response to COVID-19, and also donated to state schools to fund virtual learning equipment. This equipment prevented disadvantaged students from falling behind with their learning.


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