About our networks

Networks are a great way for our people to enhance their personal development, meet new colleagues and help spread awareness of important issues. There’re also a great way for managers to learn more about a strand of inclusion that impacts one or more of their team.

Cultural Awareness Matters

Open to anyone who recognises the value of cultural inclusion. We focus on raising awareness of different cultures, customs, values and beliefs. The network embodies the spirit of diversity and inclusion by providing a forum for racially, ethnically, linguistically and socio-mobility diverse employees to flourish personally and professionally.

Family and Caring Matters

For anyone who has (or may have in the future) responsibilities relating to the care of another person, for example children, elders or those with particular needs. Combining caring responsibilities with a career can be a challenge. We aim to help our people balance their commitments, through providing a supportive network that offers empathy, information and strategies for success.

Gender Matters

Gender is not just a women’s issue; it’s a people issue which affects us all. Our mission is to educate employees to participate in an informed and holistic discussion about gender equality; increase employee engagement through education and events with inspirational leaders and speakers; and empower employees to recognise that through their actions they can contribute to improving gender equality.

Health & Wellbeing Matters

To support and promote the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of our colleagues.  Our vision is for everyone to be their very best self while at work. We provide a range of employee benefits, information, and resources to support our people.  Our highly dedicated team of first aiders and mental health first aiders are on hand to support our colleagues when needed.

Pride Matters

An inclusive and supportive work environment for LGBT+ employees to be themselves. We aim to increase the understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity, and encourage allies to visibly support LGBT+ colleagues in the workplace, helping to create an environment where they can expand their opportunities to form genuine work relationships. We encourage all - those who do or don’t identify as a member of the LGBT+ community - to join us.

Veterans’ Matters

Veterans Matters serves as our focal point for veterans, reservists and their families. We share our knowledge and experience with our colleagues, helping those leaving the service to transition to civilian life and supporting those in particular need, through service charities.